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Improv Classes or Workshops?

In improv what do you preferrer. Workshops, Classes, Street? Do we know the Difference?

are meant to Focus you in a 3 month time for Brain Development

Its Like the Gym or Training the Muscles for a sport.

I think you need Both


Improv Workshop Open to all (FREE) Once a Month

Lvfreeze will be hosting a free Improv Workshop in Las Vegas Once every month at “The Box Office” please call for reservations, space is limited 7025308079 for info.  7pm May 2nd. See you their.

LvFreeze Newest Improv Troupe (Slap Happy)

LvFreeze Improv


New episode of the improv frog podcast

In the Superbowl Sunday episode, I interview Grant Waters who is the owner/operator of LVFreeze, an improv school and production company in Las Vegas.
Grant is heavily involved in producing improv shows for the hugely popular First Friday events, which take place monthly in the Arts District of Las Vegas.”

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In What Year did Del Close form 2nd City?

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