Improv 101 (the Freeze): LEVEL 1(celebrating risk)
Four-Week Workshop

Instructor: Rose Heeter

Have fun, meet new people and learn to improvise in the LVfreeze low-pressure, hilarious classes. This four-week workshop is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to loosen up, be more spontaneous and learn to take risks on stage and in life — no experience necessary. Each week you’ll play games and explore a challenging variety of improv exercises that unleash your natural creativity and humor. So even if you’ve done some improv in the past, come check out the LVfeerze unique and inspiring approach. 

 (No grade/no judgment)

Click Here For More InFo”The Freeze” Improv 101

GUERILLA IMPROV 201: LEVEL 2 (Getting Ready to make a troupe)
Six-Week Workshop
Instructor: Chili Bowles
You found confidence and freedom in Level 1. What comes next? Level 2 asks you to bravely wander into an exploration of humor and storytelling — learn to play games and create fully improvised scenes that are as generous and satisfying as they are hilarious. We’ll give you the tools to understand what delights and inspires the audience and your scene partners. In Level 2 you will recieve more direct feedback and are encouraged to start taking notes on your improv experience.

Advanced Lvfreeze 301 (PERFORMANCE): LEVEL 3
This Class is for Players that have been thru Level 1 and Level 2
For More Info Please Contact..

  1. Anthony C. Pastorello

    If you are thinking about trying and/or learning improv. you need to try LvFreeze, Great Coaches, Environment to learn.

  2. Anthony C. Pastorello

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Grant, Phil, Frank, Major and Chili and all the members of lvfreeze for helping, supporting but most important, giving me an opportunity to learn. Because of you all, as of today 5/4/10 I have got booked for my first two stand up performances with Mange Comedy, here in Las Vegas. One in June at the Power Exchange and the second one in July at Meatheads..
    I truly believe I am a product of my environment and could not have gotten through the first steps of hopefully a long career in stand up comedy without you…I am truly in your debt!!!!!

  3. great to hear Anthony

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