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LvFreeze is Now USFreeze

Hope to see you soon


Las Vegas Night at Flappers


Masculinity Training workshop

Masculinity Training workshop- Brought to you by LvFreeze Improv.
For women and Men!
– Topics include
– Voice
– posturing
– attitude
– How to pick up chicks
– How to approach Male stereotypes
– How to be a man from another country
– How to order food like a man

The Workshop has limited space fills Quickly
Please Call for more Info

Monday isn’t the bastard child of the weekdays anymore!

Lvfreeze is giving Monday meaning again, making Mondays something to look forward to.. We invite you to our improv jam @ 6:30 in the Italian American club 2333 e.Sahara. 

Miss America… LvFreeze was there

LvFreeze at Miss America

Lvfreeze and Muse of Fire wrapped on production of pilot

The production of “The IAC” reality show just wrapped on saturday, Lvfreeze and Muse of Fire finished filming, and are in the process of editing. Muse Of Fire would like to thank everyone involved in making this project a “reality” and helping this project move forward.

Have you signed up for improv classes?

We offer improv/acting classes Sunday and Monday, then on First Friday we showcase what we learned from the month before. Its fun, interactive, funny and educational.. Contact Lvfreeze or Grant Waters for more information

Nov 21, Come and Escape with us.

We want to invite you our monthly improv dinner party called “Ridiculous Esacpe” at the Italian American Social Club Nov 21 starting at 6pm. Come eat and see us do funny things like this..

You want to know what a improv with Lvfreeze is like.