The Teachers

Grant A. Waters

Teaches Advanced Lvfreeze 301 (PERFORMANCE), The Workshop by

Grant A. Waters Has Taught and Performed Improv at the The Old Globe” In San Diego and Also in England’s “Shakespeare Old Globe” He also received Training in Improv at 2nd City in La La Land , and always thinking about taking New Class at UCB. There’s much more, But it’s Improv.  Great Improv can be achieved By (Chili ,Just Joking,…. but he is good teaching it) But Really, It is by doing it everyday.     This is probably boring for you now so Lets Change the Subject. Also I Love “Almond Butter”, at First I thought it would be gross, but I was on a diet (because I’m fat, No really I’am. and it’s not that, “Hey his Fat and thats funny”, No it more “like Gosh thats Weird is that guy fat or is he buff”) Anyways so instead of Peanut Butter Which I love as well, I bought “AB-love-Butt” Which is Short for “Almond Butter”   And I had it with Bread MMMMM “De-lish-con-nesh”  I don’t even think about Peanut Butter..Anyways Come on By and Have some.


Grant in Japan ~

Grant Doing Music ~

Grant being dumb ~

Rose Heeter

Rose Headshot

Teaches: Improv “101 The Freeze”
9/7/09 Directing Specailist for the show: “You gotta believe in you!”
Rose; Thanks so much for your input yesterday at the “You gotta believe in you!” video shoot and rehearsal. Your notes and input were inspiring and outstandingly professional. It is a pleasure to have you on the team as we change the lives of our youth one rising star at a time!
I am excited about opening night at the Riviera.
Jon D. Fondy
Join the cause go to
702-938-0889GET CAST!!! Film Actor’s Studio – working strictly with NY – LA & LV Celebrity actors. Private classes every Saturday.Executive Producer/HOST/Director/Creator of a HILARIOUS Family Game Show called “GET YOUR Improv-ON!!!” Presented every Saturday Night at various studio’s in Las Vegas.Owner– Current member count 1,000. A network for and about actors.Director GET CAST!!! Film Actor’s Workshops – student count: 77

7/09 DIRECTOR: CAMP ROCK a Summer Camp Intensive Broadway Musical – www.VCAdancevoice.comPerformance at CSN – Additional Directors: Kay Garfield – Blaine Senior – Brandy Senior

8/09 DIRECTOR HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 – a Summer Camp Intensive Broadway Musical – www.VCAdancevoice.comPerformance at CSN – Additional Directors: Kay Garfield – Blaine Senior – Brandy Senior

Net Cast Assist:– “Get Him to the Greek!”

SINGER: The Great Memorial Day Give-Away – Featuring Senator John Ensign – www.iclv.comChoir

SINGER: CIY HALL – Mayor Oscar Goodman National Day of Prayer – All City Choir

ACTOR: LEAD – Walk this WAY – Police Chief Annanias –
APRIL 2009– Internationally televised on audience of over 3,000 each night.

FILM ACTING COACH at Vegas City Artz –– Currently coaching 22 students weekly.

Coaching 42 students weekly.

3/6/09 – Screen Actor’s BookPALS: Nevada Reading Week performance reading for 1,000 K-4th grade students at Reynolds Martinez Elementary School.

Nevada Thespians State and Local Conference Competition Judge – CCSD –

DIRECTOR: CCSD – Centennial High School – Guest Acting Coach for ‘The Club’ – 51 Actor’s and the Centennial Advanced Theatre Arts Team. 2008-2009

12/22/08 – ACTOR: “Make it BIG” Joyce Wallace – Executive Producer –– A hilarious “American Idol meets So you think you have Talent” Christmas special including a cast of 200.

  1. this photo is an answer to the question- what would happen if Mike Meyers had sex with Matthew Broderick

  2. Nice photos of all of the teachers

  3. Cherr Barragan

    thank god grant shaved his beard ..
    it was getting gross .

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