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She Wolf Comedy!!!

That’s Right People!! I’m back with another Great Show for You!! This will also be doubling as MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Because this is a Special Event, I will be having some of my Favorite Male comedians feature, instead of Ladies Only….This show will be featuring Courtney Leone, TEK-G, and THE BALLOON MASTER will be closing the Show!! As always I will be your Host and there will be Karaoke following the Show…The Doors will open as early as 7:30 for the Birthday Party, the actual Comedy Show will start at 9pm, but for all you Early Birds and 9-5ers stop by early and celebrate my Birthday…Free Entry…The Cat House Club inside LUXOR Showtime 9pm Wednesday, October 12th…


LvFreeze Improv Classes

Las Vegas Freeze Improv will begin new classes and shows Wednesday November 9, 2011.

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First Friday with LvFreeze Improv

First Friday !!!

 Friday October 7,  2011: First Friday, a Downtown Las Vegas event celebrates it’s 9 year anniversary. New owners, more features and expanded services are raising the standard of the monthly event by adding managed parking lots and 15 mobile food trucks including Slidin’ Thru, Fuku Burger, and Love grub.

  First Friday now gives emerging artists a larger platform to display their work and provide the community an easier way to maneuver through whichever type of art and entertainment they are attracted to.


The Blonde in Vegas

A young sexy blonde was in Las Vegas. She was in the casino for about an hour until she felt thirsty. She went to the pop machine in the hall. She put $1.00 in and a Pepsi came out, she put another $1.00 in and another Pepsi came out, she put one last $1.00 in and another Pepsi came out. A man saw her, and he said: “What are you doing?” and the sexy blonde said: “Duh!! Winning!!!”

From Las Vegas Jokes Net

Have you signed up for improv classes?

We offer improv/acting classes Sunday and Monday, then on First Friday we showcase what we learned from the month before. Its fun, interactive, funny and educational.. Contact Lvfreeze or Grant Waters for more information

New Web-Show on Monday at 6pm

What are you trying to say

LvFreeze Newest Improv Troupe (Slap Happy)

1st Friday with LvFreeze